We have awoken to our first snowfall (at lake level, anyhow) of the year.  Only 1/2″, but it is still the earliest snowfall either of us have experienced in South Lake Tahoe.  The first September snowfall either of us has seen.  There are now only two months of the year I have not experienced snowfall [...]

Angora Fire – 5:00 pm PDT

Seems like it is all over in our neighborhood – the normal sounds are returning.  Doug across the street is running his saw installing new facia boards on his house, the dogs are barking, kids running around.

We’re not going to unpack just yet, but we are confident the neighborhood is safe.  After a windy day [...]

Angora Fire – 7:00 am PDT

Containment now reported at 55%.  So much for what I heard yesterday.

The forecast is for high winds today, 20 – 30 mph with higher winds on passes and over ridgetops.  That is bad.  I guess it is too much to ask for them to hold off a second day in a row.

This morning is dead [...]

Angora Fire – 5:45 pm PDT

We ran for some errands and got a view of the fire from enough distance to see that there is only light, white-colored smoke coming from it and not very much at that.  The wind is blowing, but not gusting particularly, and the helicopters are still flying.  I assume they are putting out hot spots [...]

Angora Fire – 3:30 pm PDT

The winds have not come up all that strong this afternoon – at least yet! The forecast gusts up to 40mph aren’t here. It is blowing 10 – 20 mph I understand.

I hear helicopters flying now, which is good, I guess. Ironically, they cannot fly without some wind to clear the smoke [...]

Angora Fire – 8:00 am PDT

Monitoring the nearby forest fire on our anniversary was not how I had evnisioned our day today. Yesterday was exciting (see previous posts). We slept at home last night and are fine. We slept well, mostly from exhaustion…

This morning the smoke is hanging low in the trees and the wind is dead [...]

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is our first wedding anniversary. I still smile with joy remembering our wedding. Thanks again to all who made the journey and shared our day:

Angora Fire Update

This morning we went to the evacuation centers offering our help, dropping off toiletries and such we had laying around. We registered with the red cross as a host home – we can take some pets along with their owners here and thought that would be valuable. We then went to the east [...]


We live in South Lake Tahoe, CA, where a large and devastating fire erupted on Sunday. Over 200 homes have been destroyed and more than 1000 people have been evacuated. We are not among them. We are fine, and our house is fine.

That said, we have several friends who are now without homes. [...]