Cedar Valley Canopy Tour, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

We docked in Puerto Moin, Costa Rica this morning. This is a commercial port just north of Puerto Limon, on the Carribean side of Costa Rica. The Dole pineapple ship anchored just offshore was a dead giveaway.

One of the famous nearby attractions is Tortugero Park with estuaries and lots of wildlife and a couple of shore excursions went there today. I believe lots of sea turtles nest in these estuaries.

After our experience at Manuel Antonio National Park craning our necks trying to see the wildlife in the canopy 200 ft above, we decided we wanted to try a canopy tour. This means zipping from tree to tree suspended on cables from a roller clipped on to what is basically a rock-climbing harness. Lots of exposure and adrenaline!

The forest on this side of Costa Rica is much wetter than on the Pacific side, a real rainforest with lots of wildlife. On the ride to the top of the hill where our cable zipping started we saw many very colorful frogs in the foliage of two species – one a brilliant red the other a lime-green and black wavy-striped species. These are poisonous frogs and their bright colors plainly advertise that. But, makes them easy to spot.

We ascended the first platform and prepared to take off. I went just before Mel in second position and made it to the first landing platform. After quite a delay I heard Mel coming along the line. The rollers sing along the cable as you ride along and that sound is transmitted through the cable itself and is quite loud. Much louder were Mel’s screams as she rode the cable towards us. She arrived basically in hysterics, tears running down her cheeks and just so pumped up on adrenaline she could hardly stand. The guide on the far end had to push her off – she just could not make herself do it on her own. He said “Close your eyes! Lift your feet!” he said and then pushed her off the platform.

This first transfer platform was about a million feet up in the air on a tree and the size of a postage stamp. Mel and I and two guides shared it, one guide trying to get me out of there on the second line, the other catching Mel and readying her for the next line on the other side of the tree.

After the second run we hit terra firma, a nice place to collect ourselves and take stock. All the essential bits were there. Seeing bullet ants and getting stung by a milder species sort of grounded us too.

Then off to the next platform and a series of six cables bringing us all the way to the bottom where we had begun.

We were all (Mel included) much more comfortable with the whole game plan by now, and I tried to pay attention to the canopy as I zipped through it. Can’t say I saw a whole lot! But just being up in the breeze high in the canopy of the forest is treat enough for sure.

Here is a shot taken from one of the platforms of a rider coming our way:

Canopy cable, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica
Cable and Platform in the canopy of the rainforest, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

And here is a series of my dear and brave wife, Melisa, preparing to ride the line and taking off:

Mel on a cable, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica
Mel getting ready to go, Cedar Valley canopy tour, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

Mel on a cable, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica
Mel taking off, Cedar Valley canopy tour, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

Mel on a cable, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica
Mel on her way, Cedar Valley, Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

We have a sea day tomorrow, then arrive in Roatan, Honduras on Friday.

Happy travels!


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  • Man, very nice blog. Beautiful pics of the Caribean!!! Love it!!!
    I did the Canopy in Costa Rica, it’s very nice adrenaline, I did one in El Salvador too, smaller tough.
    Some friends of mine posted some of their Canopy pics over . There are very nice pics from other parts of the World too. It’s worth checking.
    Again, amazing pics, and tips for the Caribean.

    thx, Mark.

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