Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

Home is nice too! In summer I especially enjoy hiking. The other day I hiked one of my favorites – the Bayview trail to the outlet of Fontanillis lake. This hike ascends Maggie’s peaks from which you have great views of Granite Lake, Lake Tahoe and of the mountains of Desolation:

View of Granite Lake
View of Granite Lake from Maggie’s Peaks

View of Lake Tahoe from Maggie's Peaks
View of Lake Tahoe from Maggie’s Peaks

View of the peaks of Desolation Wilderness
View of the Peaks of Desolation Wilderness from Maggie’s Peaks

Then the hike takes you towards Upper Velma Lake. After a bit, I take off cross-country for the outlet of Fontanillis Lake, which flows down a beautiful cascade into Upper Velma Lake. This is a gorgeous place to rest, lunch and take in the magnificent view:

Looking up the outlet of Fontanillis Lake
Looking up the cascade – outlet of Fontanillis Lake

Cascade and Pool - Fontanillis Lake Outlet
Small pool and view downstream of outlet to Fontanillis Lake

Summer in the Sierra Nevada = heaven on earth!

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