Angora Fire – 7:00 am PDT

Containment now reported at 55%.  So much for what I heard yesterday.

The forecast is for high winds today, 20 – 30 mph with higher winds on passes and over ridgetops.  That is bad.  I guess it is too much to ask for them to hold off a second day in a row.

This morning is dead calm – typical here.  I hear an occasional helicopter flying, but things are pretty quiet.  There is some smoke lingering around, and continues to smell outside.

The biggest sensation right now seems to be all the television crews racing around with their big transmission trucks – hordes of them trying to scoop one another.  But there is not really that much news, a good thing!

The incident commander says he expects containment on Tuesday, July 3.  The forecast high winds are worrisome, and the fire remains volatile.  Its frustrating, but all we can do is wait and see.

Across highway 89 from us to the south, towards the fire, lies the Gardner Mountain neighborhood.  (The media refer to it as “Tallac Village”, a place nobody here has ever heard of to my knowledge – must have come from a county assessor’s map or something.)  On Tuesday it was subject to a mandatory evacutaion when the fire jumped the line there – the cause of all our excitement.  Yesterday folks were allowed to go back.  Neighbors who have been over there report that the fire burned the forest right up to the houses, but none of the houses have burned.  That must have been a very desparate time over there.

One home caught fire on our side of the highway, on Anita supposedly, victim of falling, fiery debris.  That fire was extinguished.

We are fine – had a nice anniversary dinner last night.

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