Why a travel agency?

Mel and I have a real passion for travel – we travel when we can, and we read and talk about it all the time. We (especially Mel) research extensively and find places we want to visit, and accomodations we dream of staying at.

In our travels we meet locals and fellow travellers and we talk and trade experiences. Once you are on your trip, word of mouth is really great – you learn about good places to go to and stay from people who have been there recently or who are from the area. We like travelling this way – we have an overall game plan, and we book our flights and maybe the first couple of nights lodging, and then follow our nose for the rest of our trip. We have had some really great experiences travelling this way, and some really bad ones too! The good thing is that if you end up in a bad place, you just leave and go to the next one. But we can both name bad nights we have had on our trips.

Our most precious commodity is time. We are not wealthy people – we both work for a living and have to travel on a budget. But when we spend time on a trip, we want to have a high value experience. This means seeing, learning, tasting, smelling. This means many exceptional experiences, and rarely some terrible ones. But that mix works for us, and we grow close as a couple adventuring in the world. And we grow to appreciate each part of the world we have travelled in and the local people we have met there.

We have met many folks who share our values regarding travel. Often when we talk with them we trade information – sights to see and places to stay – countries to travel to. After around the 100th time someone has said to us ‘you should start a travel agency – we would book with you!’ Mel decided to start her travel agency.

Mel and I think we can help increase the value of your vacations and trips. We think we can filter through the mounds of information available to you and help you make choices that will work for you.

What we cannot do is find you the very cheapest airfare, the least expensive cruise package out there, the cheapest three night all inclusive resort package in Cancun. If that is what you are looking for, we suggest you look elsewhere, for example travelocity or expedia or site59 for airfare, and maybe one of the mega travel sites for deeply discounted packages.

We have some dear friends with 2 young kids, who had dreamt of going on a cruise. Mel talked with Marcie about a couple of cruise lines that Mel can recommend, and also about an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica that we like to stay at. Marcie and her husband instead contacted a travel agent and booked a 5 night cruise to Mexico. They booked an inside cabin (no window or porthole to the outside of the ship) on an inexpensive cruise line with assigned-seating dining. They hated it! The cabin was dark and depressing and they were stuck at a 4-person dining table with another couple they did not care for at all. The trip was cheap, but it provided poor value. They spent some of their precious vacation time on a bad trip. We want to help you avoid that.

Happy travels!


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